As specialists in intelligent textile systems from polymers to yarn for applications - home/living, automotive, medicine, protective wear, sportswear and technical textiles – we want to offer our partners a high level of benefits with respect to innovation, technology, quality and efficiency.

We want to fascinate our customers!

We are a medium-sized, owner-managed business, which is influenced by Christian principles. Our traditional business values are as important as our future-focused orientation.

We conduct all business with principles of ethical values with respect to our employees, our customers, our suppliers and the environment. Some of Carl Weiske’s key values include honesty, transparency, integrity and fairness.

Above all, we focus on people. We place the highest value on building meaningful relationships and cooperative partnerships with our employees, clients, and suppliers.

We are a client-oriented business, which concentrates on providing quality service to customers and developing new products is the focus of our work.

We are not afraid to think outside of the box.

Qualitative growth based on ethics is central to the business goals of Carl Weiske. We invest not only in new technologies and products, but also in Total Quality Management as the cornerstone for customer and employee orientation as well as for ideal information- and communication-processes.

At Carl Weiske, we aspire to be leaders in quality. In plain terms: enthusiastic customers.